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FanStory Reviews In Details

Posted on October 4 2012

If you are looking for fanstory reviews you will find much on the internet. Here we offer what FanStory provides and the reviews of the online writing site compare to other sites.

  1. Fanstory promises feedback for everything you write. The fanstory reviews make it clear that it does deliver here. Everything you write does receive feedback. It appears that the feedback is helpful according to the fanstory reviews but not always. Since FanStory reviews are from other writers and readers the quality of the review is determined by the reviewer and how much time the reviewer puts into the review. There is a benefit of writing detailed reviews. FanStory provides reviewers a cash prize if they win the monthly reviewing contest. So there is reason to write detailed reviews.

  2. Fanstory promises over 50 contests each month. The fanstory reviews show that this is indeed the case. There are many contests. The 50 number is conservative. There are two writing prompt contests daily. So that is about 60 contests each month. There are also contests with cash prizes and we saw 30 contests when we viewed the site at the first of the month. The fanstory reviews are very positive about the website in this regard.

  3. Fanstory offers a community atmosphere. Here the site offers much of the functionality that is provided by Facebook. But it is specifically for writers. Reading through the reviews of fanstory this is a popular feature with the members. The reason is it is specific to writers and gives writers the ability to make connections in the industry. It is likely more similar to linked in in that regard since it targets professionals in writing.

So in summary, FanStory deliverers. The fanstory reviews are positive and encouraging that you will get what you need if you are writer looking for feedback. Fanstory is a learning site for reviewers.